Wednesday, May 4, 2011


When my friend, Deborah,
over a Meadowland Scotties
sends me an email,
she always signs it
"with all my heart".

And this morning
as I was changing the bed
The Sweet Babes,
I picked them up
"two by two"
and held them close to my heart -
I was able to feel Deborah's sweet sentiment.

In reality I will hold them
in my heart
long after they leave me
to go to their forever homes.

Just like any new Mother
who thinks her baby is the
sweetest, smartest, cutest,
that's how I feel about
this clan of puppies.
Every clan seems to reinforce
life lessons for me.

They give me great examples
of when to work,
when to rest,
when to play.

They make me smile
and bring so much happiness
into my life.

They make me focus on the important things
like faith, family and friends.

They introduce me to the nicest people!!

And for all of you out there
who remember a kindlier, gentler time,
if you check out this photo really close,
you will see that it gives a new meaning
to the phrase,
"sacked out".

Blessings to all who visit here,


  1. What a beautiful post!! Lots of love, Debbie

  2. Aww. Not a black one in the bunch? Buggy needs a friend but hubs says not way......You get the drift of his words. Its ok Bugs is spoiled rotten anyway she would be put out I am sure. She went to the groomer yesterday and looks really spiffy. She has a lot more silver/gray showing up this time around.

  3. Great post. I don't know why but when I showed it to Beth she started to cry....I think she gets the "with all my heart" thing or something....

  4. Just beautifully said. Don't know how you can let them go, but we know you only let them go where they will be loved and card for.

  5. What a wonderful post, Lynn! You have us smiling.

  6. Mostly they teach unconditional love and lots of patience.

  7. Hello (again) Lynn!! I feel like I'm stalking you, sending you an e-mail and commenting on your other blog today too! :-)

    But this post is beautiful--I think you feel the same way about your precious puppies, that I do about my foster dogs. Each one is special and unique and have a piece of your heart and you a piece of theirs...