Friday, September 28, 2012


I had to go grocery shopping.
I took along my Kindle 
with my 
Gluten Free Food List .
It is probably fifty pages long
and has everything
you've never heard of 
listed on it.
 I used it as I shopped - 
I never realized just 
how many ingredients
are in some things -
and then there are others
like tortilla chips that have
corn, oil and salt -
that's fairly simple.

Now I'm making my own list -
Lynn's Gluten Free Food List
and it consist of all of those foods
that I have painstakingly researched
while standing in the grocery aisle.

When I got home,
I had a message from my Mom -
you need to watch Dr. Oz -
sorry, too late!!

He had a show about gluten. 


I've been looking at his reviews
and he has a lot of good advice.
One website that it led me to

The Celiac Disease Foundation
has a great
Gluten-Free Resource Directory.
I'm sure I'll be using it a lot.

Blessing to all who visit here,

Thursday, September 27, 2012


 I'm wondering if any of you 
have any experience with a 
gluten free diet.

Last week my husband
talked with a lady whose
migraines were definitely 
linked to gluten in her diet.
The next day,
I called my doctor to 
see if I could be tested
for gluten allergies.
My doctor said it could be
up to two weeks before I
would know the results of the test,
but I should start the gluten free diet anyway-
so I have.

 So far I haven't had anything
that looks as delicious
as these homemade
but I think if I can find all 
of the ingredients,
I might give it a try.  
I've been having a lot
of one-egg omelets.
I like them,
but I know that will get old
fairly quickly.

I'll be pining away
for a sandwich -
looks delish,
doesn't it?
I like to bake bread,
so maybe I'll be adventurous
and give it a whirl.

Do any of you have
any hints or gluten-free recipes
that you like?

Have you been following a
gluten free diet?

Blessings to all who visit here,