Friday, September 28, 2012


I had to go grocery shopping.
I took along my Kindle 
with my 
Gluten Free Food List .
It is probably fifty pages long
and has everything
you've never heard of 
listed on it.
 I used it as I shopped - 
I never realized just 
how many ingredients
are in some things -
and then there are others
like tortilla chips that have
corn, oil and salt -
that's fairly simple.

Now I'm making my own list -
Lynn's Gluten Free Food List
and it consist of all of those foods
that I have painstakingly researched
while standing in the grocery aisle.

When I got home,
I had a message from my Mom -
you need to watch Dr. Oz -
sorry, too late!!

He had a show about gluten. 


I've been looking at his reviews
and he has a lot of good advice.
One website that it led me to

The Celiac Disease Foundation
has a great
Gluten-Free Resource Directory.
I'm sure I'll be using it a lot.

Blessing to all who visit here,

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  1. Our dad "used" to have celiac sprue. We say "used to" because once he had his heart transplant and was put on immunosuppressant drugs, it seemed to go away but he was on the gluten-free diet for awhile. He couldn't eat pizza and drink beer and this was the hardest for him. Good luck, Miss Lynn. It's not easy to get used to and it's expensive to go to these specialty stores if you don't want to just eat veges and fruit.

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly