Monday, September 26, 2011


In the hustle and bustle
of today's life,
many women forget
to take time for themselves.

For us to live our most
efficient and effective lives,
there are certain things
we should do daily.

We should spend some quiet time.
No matter what your faith,
some time for meditation
will help your day go better.

A few minutes for exercise,
even if you can't commit
to a full exercise regimen,
give it what you can -
once you get started,
you'll find yourself
wanting to do more and more.

If your doctor has
you on some prescription medications,
don't forget to take them as prescribed.

Flossing your teeth daily
will not only help you when
you go to the dentist,
it will help you have a healthier heart.
Set a timer when you brush
to make sure you brush
for a full 2 minutes
at least twice a day.

Don't forget the benefits of a great
cup of herbal tea.
Research the ingredients
and find the one that will help you the most.
Make sure that it does not conflict
with your prescription drugs.

Blessings to all who visit here,


  1. Such nice reminders:) We all know them but it is nice to see it all listed down so pleasantly. This would be nice to hang on my wall.

  2. Great advice and I plan on taking more time for myself these days.