Wednesday, February 1, 2012


January has come and gone -
with no snow!!

And it saw me accomplish
a lot of things.

First and foremost,
all of our puppies went to
their forever homes.

That always leaves me with
a lot to clean up -
getting all of their laundry,
washed, folded and ready
to go into storage
until we have our
next litter of puppies.

And they have a lot of various items
that they need that must be cleaned
or sterilized before they are packed away
and then cleaned and sterilized
before they are used again.

Once I got all of that done,
I turned to the adults.

All of the adults needed
to be bathed and stripped or clipped.
Carrleigh is the easiest one to do
because she gets bathed and
then clippered.
But because she is light colored,
she is already ready to be bathed again!

Due to a computer modem malfunction,
I had plenty of time to work on other projects
during January.
It found me
mending sheets,
cleaning out my closet,
cleaning our drawers,
sorting Christmas ornaments,
cleaning up computer files,
scanning in computer documents,
making belly bands for Piper,
and the list goes on......

I did take a pro-active approach
toward my own health
and find a new doctor.
It is my goal this year to get off
of some of my prescription medications --
and he has already helped me in that direction.
I have spent a lot of time doing research
and am now working on getting used to
taking some supplements instead of prescription meds -
and it is working - I feel better.
I have spent several hours this month
in the doctor's office
with my Mother.
I am so thankful
that she is 86 and healthy.

And now we are into February -
my Dad always said the deepest snows
came in February -
guess we'll find out.

This is our project -
this old granary needs to be
ready to be taken down
by May 31st.
I'd better get hoppin'

Blessings to all who visit here,


  1. I am thrilled to hear that you have found a Doctor that will try non-prescription options for your health. When my father was at his worst we were always battling the addition of new meds to fight side effects. It took an Army to get the docs to listen, work together and get him off all those drugs. Now he takes just a few and changed his diet.

    While his situation does not compare to your health, I'm still thrilled.


  2. There you are! Missed you! Oh hard to believe the last group of pups have all moved on. Bug is due to go to the groomer the 13th. She is starting to get quite the bearded face. We let her go longer after the holidays to help keep her warm through January because she loves to just stand out in the snow. Good to see you!

  3. WOW! You were busy with no internet. The puppies alone kept you busy. It is fun to get alot done huh?? I have lots planned for feb too.
    Good luck with the building it looks like a job After doing our garage, thats all the building that we wanna do, LOL


  4. I'm tired just listening to all you're accomplished, Lynn. Good for you on getting off the meds and turning to supplements!