Friday, February 11, 2011


2011 -
the year of change -
is flying by at
an alarming rate.

I can't believe that I'm
at my second 21st day -
that means we are 42 days
into this year -
1/9 of it is gone!!

So it's time
for a few new changes
to my lifestyle,
but I figured you'd
want to know
how I was doing with
some of the changes
I have made so far.

Making the bed -
first I have to tell you
that this is not my bed,
but my dream bed.
I think if I can force myself
to make my bed every day
for a year,
I might treat myself to this
Paris Sleigh Bed -
and if it ever goes
into deep discount -
it is mine!!

But my bed technically
gets made or straightened every day -
the only problem is that it happens
at about 8:00pm -
when I go in to turn on my electric blanket
to get it warmed up for the night.
So I'm not doing really great
at getting my bed made every morning -
but I'm going to try.

Drink more water and less soda.
I'm doing great with this one -
I've even cut back on the diet sodas
and only had two full sugar Coca-Cola's
since I decided I would cut back.

My daughter has reminded me
that I'm doing well
as Coca-Cola is the favorite soda
of the women in my family -
at least 4 generations of them!
And my mother and I had one together
just this week -
she's 86
and weighs 122 pounds -
maybe there is hope for me yet!

Now this is where I'm the "star" pupil -
brushing and flossing.
Being an old dental assistant and office manager,
I have seen what happens to people
when they neglect this habit.
I have always been a stellar brusher,
but I had a hard time with the flossing -
but for 42 days,
I have not missed one day of flossing -
it is a habit now
and a good one.

For the rest of the changes -
I have gone to bed one night
without doing the dishes
and my check book is balanced to the dollar -
which is good for me as I used to have to keep
a running total in my head.
Even though I am not walking with
a book on my head,
I am very mindful of my posture
and it is improving.

Today is the day
to "kick it up a notch"
so what will I change -
I have given this much thought.

*I will record my food each day,
regardless of what I eat so that I can
see where I am doing well
and where I need some help.

* I will walk on my treadmill
at least 3 times a week.

*I will take a few minutes
out of each day
to work on something fun -
a craft I ejoy.

Blessings to all who visit here,


  1. Oh boy, sounds pretty exciting!! Who are you and what did you do with Lynn?? ROFL CONGRATS on the changes!! Keep up the good work and oh BTW, Pepsi is the ONLY drink to drink, LOL I am off to work on an unfinished project!!


  2. What a beautiful bed! You're going to own that beauty, Lynn!

  3. Sounds like you are moving right along with your life changes. I seem to only be able to manage one at a time. Unfortunately I was up a couple of ounces this week no weight loss here. Might have been the nachos I ate with hubs during Super Bowl. Tomorrow we have a Valentines dinner at the church, I am hoping not to eat too much. I guess we need to expect a couple of stumbling blocks along the way.

  4. When Josh and I moved in together all those years ago we agreed that if you wanted to sleep in a made bed you had to do it yourself. Good thing the maids do it now.


  5. What wonderful resolutions. You are brave to do that...I have stopped making resolutions because I keep breaking them. Willpower--it starts by making the list...onward!

    Mocha Barney, Ashley Pumpernickel and Winniechurchill