Friday, January 21, 2011


Today is
"day 21"
of my new habits -
soon they will become
my old habits
and I will do them without thinking.
But I have accomplished
the following -
*flossing/brushing my teeth every night,
*cleaning the dishes every night before bed
*keeping my checkbook balanced.
I'm going to put a running tab
on the sidebar,
so I can keep account of these changes.

I've been thinking for the past
couple of days
about what I wanted to add
when I got to this milestone.

Better posture is one of my goals.
I've heard so many people comment
about what wonderful posture my Mother has-
and that's a trait that I want to emulate.
I don't think I will be walking around
with a book on my head,
but I do want to be conscious
of my shoulders and spine-
straighten up, walk and sit like I should.

I rarely drink a full sugar soda
(unless I'm celebrating!)
but I have gotten into the habit
of drinking a couple of
Diet Rite Grape or Tangerine sodas
per day.

I plan to switch out those sodas
for water or unsweetened tea.
But I don't want to purchase
bottled water -
when I'm at home, that's fine
because we have a
wonderful spring fed well,
but I need to be more conscious
of what I might need when I go out.
And remember to fill up my
little red bottle
from my sink.
That way I won't have to purchase
a bottle of water
(causing another bottle to go in a landfill)
or even be tempted
to get that full sugar Coca-Cola
that I love.

I must confess
(and I know you're thinking
"shame on you")
that most days my bed goes unmade.
This is the next change I'm making -
I want to get that bed made every morning.

I do have some weight loss goals
and have attached a ticker at the top
of the page.
We'll be getting into those changes
as we go along.
The good news is that I have lost
7 pounds since January 1, 2011.

Blessings to all who visit here,


  1. I have to confess that I don't make my bed everyday either. I just pull the quilt up over the pillows so if a dog gets up there, my pillow won't be covered with hair.

  2. Congratulations - you have made so much progress already. I am a fanatic about beds being made, but that's just me. I am not a big soda fan, but I was introduced to green tea ginger ale and must admit I am addicted. I do only drink one can per day, but you are so right, the water would be a much better choice.

    Kudos to you for both your wonderful goals and your great accomplishments.

  3. Oh I never make my bed but maybe on Sunday!! You have quite a list there, you will be able to do them all. WTG on the 7 lbs, that is great!! I Am right with you on the water though!!


  4. Seven pounds in 3 weeks is excellent progress! Good for you, Lynn!
    I have to admit that I'm one of those nuts that likes to make the bed before George is bearly out of it - LOL!

  5. Lynn, you are really making progress already!! Good for you!! I don't drink anything but Gatorade and milk anymore (not together!). I used to make up my bed every single day and then it became halfway made up most days. Water is always good too. Have a wonderful weekend!! Debbie

  6. Whoa! How happy we are to have found you!

    We'll be back. Hopefully soon!


  7. Oh posture! My doc says that mine has messed my entire shoulder up!

  8. I'm with you on the water too. We have 2 brita filter pitchers (sp) in the fridge and we just got one for the faucet for Christmas. Hate the thought of all those plastic bottles going into the landfills.
    I have posture issues too. Been going to the Chiropractor for a year now and he is working on that for me. It runs in the family though as my Mom's side all have "hunchy shoulders" Don't know if I can change that...LOL
    Keep up the good work and thanks for visiting my blog, please drop by often!!

  9. I went my whole life without making my bed until 2008, when I moved in with Jason. Even when I lived in Dana Point, no matter how late for work I was going to be I always made my bed first thing while I waited for the shower to get hot. It only takes a minute and makes your room look neat, even when the rest is not.

  10. Good for you on your weight loss. Hubs is still in the bed when I am getting ready to go out the door for work so it does not get made everyday at our house either.