Monday, January 24, 2011


A lot of dog lovers like to
show their breed in many ways.
To Scottie "moms",
the ultimate is
"the purse".

And the purse of the year
is last year's hot purse
Dooney and Bourke.
In fact,
I am on the lookout
for another one.
(does one need three?
or is 4 the line
where it is considered excessive?)

This tote bag is great for shopping
but the other night
when I went to Jo-Anns,
I couldn't believe
that I let them put my purchase
(a light bulb)
in a plastic bag
and then I stuck the bag in my purse
and went merrily on my way.

Where I live,
having a trash service
is the same amount of trouble
as gong to the landfill,
so I get to make a monthly
visit to our wonderful landfill.
The first time I went there,
after moving here from California,
I was amazed at the amount
of plastic shopping bags
that were just blowing around.

At that time,
I decided that I would recycle
them as much as I could,
so I found ways to use them-
such as packing material,
taking them to thrift shops
that don't have their own bags
or returning them
to the bins in the grocery store.

But I still get more bags
than my husband and I can use.

So yesterday,
when I went to get my groceries,
I broke down and
purchased reusable bags.

I might not remember to use them
all the time,
but I'm going to make
a concentrated effort
to try and get them back in the car.

I might add,
that yesterday,
I came home with 3 1/2 of these
bags full of groceries
instead of a dozen plastic bags -
it was even easier
to get them in from the car.

And the next time,
I purchase a light bulb
for my sewing machine,
I'll put it in my purse,
instead of adding
one more bag to
our local landfill.

Blessings to all who visit here,


  1. You're right about the plastic bags Lynn--I know some places are adding a surcharge when they're used--I totally support the reusable ones, and I think you need 'the purse' to add to your collection--It's all for a good cause after all!

  2. Good job Lynn. I use the fabric bags too (when I remember to bring them into the store with me) LOL. I find that sometimes they fill them too full though. Really heavy to carry.

  3. Awesome! We have a number of reusable ones here that we try to put to good use all the time. I actually like brown bags at the grocery store but will use the reusable ones for a small order. Just a little thing to do, but what difference it can make for our world.

  4. First of all~~A Scottie mom can NEVER have too many scottie bags!! and for those plastic bags we have way too many of them too!!


  5. We have a few reusuable ones but we still have to use the plastic ones for kitty litter clean up. It's much better than just pouring the old litter in the trash cans outside. I don't know which would really be worse...the plastic bags or just used kitty litter! We love the Scottie bag!! That is pretty! Lots of love, Debbie

  6. One can never have too many pretty tote bags, especially ones with dogs on them.

    We've cut way back using the plastic bags, too.

  7. Ah yes the plastic bag dillema.. I have over time collected quite a few reusable bags.. and am finally starting to actually remember to bring them. And it is only because of those bags that I can fit as much back into my cart that I can. And it cuts down greatly on how many trips to the house I have to take too.. One day I will eventually getting around to making some of my own.. maybe I can find some vizsla fabric

    Keep it up.

  8. Well of coarse I love the Scottie bag. I have a few of the reusable bags but the problem is putting them back in the car after you empty them so you have them with you the next time.

  9. I've been thinking about adding the tote as well but I love Radley more.