Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Lets face facts,
I'm a professional "dieter".
I would like to know
how many pounds
that I have lost and found
during my lifetime.

This is the year that
I am going to retire
from that profession.

One thing that I have learned
from this lifetime profession
is that I know myself well enough
to know there are certain statements
that will doom me to failure.
I also know I must keep a positive outlook
to succeed.

I have heard people who start
a new eating plan say
things like
"I can never go to McDonalds again"
"I can never drink soda again".
Face facts -
you can and you will.
We just have to learn how
to handle these situations
in the best possible way for us.

I guess if I had to pick
my all time favorite food,
it would be French Fries.
I would choose them over any
hotdog, hamburger, banana split out there.

I'm not willing to give them up -
we've had a love-affair
for my whole life.

But I know that I can have them
in moderation.
As much as I advocate
eating a balanced diet,
there are rare times
that my lunch or dinner
might be just
French Fries.
It works for me.
Why fill my body with calories and fat
from foods that I don't really want
just so I can have the
French Fries.

I also know that if I say
"I'm going to exercise every day"
that by the second day
I will fail.

I have 4 dogs who must be walked
so I get a moderate amount
of time on my feet when I am out with them.

But one must
have some exercise goals
Right now,
mine is to do
my Leslie Sansone Walking DVD
at least 3 times a week -
one power mile -
3 times a week
and if I do more
that's just
"icing on the cake".

On to cakes -
If you follow my dog blog,
Rocky Creek Scottie Adventures,
you will know that I recently
have decided that I need to learn to bake cakes.
I'm on my 4th cake
for the year.
It's a Apricot Brandy Cake
and it's pretty tasty.
But there is where moderation comes in again -
I'm not eating cake for breakfast,
(and I have been known to do this)
I'm not eating cake for lunch,
but I am enjoying one slice of cake
in the evenings
after I have my sensible dinner.

I can live with this plan for now -
I hope to modify it in the future,
but for now it's working for me.

Blessings to all who visit here,


  1. My downfall is late night snacking. When Rob was in the hospital in September, I lost 12 pounds. Not eating or sleeping will do that. I decided that since I had a head start I might as well try to keep it going. I've cut out my late night snacks, but I don't deprive myself of things I crave, like chocolate. I just try to keep it within reason and I've learned to satisfy the craving sooner rather than later because it grows till it takes more to satisfy it.

    So far I've managed to keep the weight off and take a few extra pounds off, too.

  2. lynn this is a great approach! the key is to find a way to lose weight that you can live with and maintain! and you are so right with your statement that slow and steady wins the race...i have lost 65 pounds over the past year and a half and sure - i know if i had worked harder or restricted my diet more i would have lost more weight faster, but i also would have gotten frustrated and probably quit. way to go! keep it up!

    katie and edgar

  3. Yes, all things in moderation. Weight has never really been an issue for me, but I definitely have a weakness for sweets. AND my new love is those Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper kettle chips - I could eat the whole bag in one sitting, but I do use a lot of self control.

    Exercise is another issue. Yes, I have the little ones here to keep me moving, but with the osteoporosis I really need to keep walking and doing some simple weight-bearing exercises. The ice and snow make it all more difficult, but I keep plugging away.

    Loving this blog.

  4. Moderation is the answer. My friend has lost over 50 or 60 pounds in the last year by exercising (walking) and cutting her portions of what she eats. She does allow herself timeout like if there is a birthday, Christmas or another occasion where she knows she will and can eat anything she wants. She has really stuck to it and it's worked for her plus going to a weight loss meeting every week for encouragement. I need to walk but when it's this cold and icy, I can't outside due to osteoporosis so I get very little exercice in the winter months escpecially this winter! Lots of love, Debbie

  5. Hi Lynn!! This is yet another post that I could have written, because you and I struggle with the same thing--I love cake for breakfast, lunch, dinner and in between! :-)) But like you I have started to make better choices by remembering that there has to be a limit. (rats!!) But seriously, I really think you've got a great attitude and plan and because you're blogging about it--I think this is step in the right direction and an indication that you're going to reach your goal!!

  6. Everything in moderation! You're going to win the battle this time for sure, Lynn!

  7. Yep You can eat normal foods just smaller amounts and slowly but surely we will make it!!


  8. Lynn, What is the Leslie Sanson Walking DVD? Is it a walking in place type thing. I am wondering if I can do that since I cannot walk on the tread mill yet?