Friday, January 28, 2011


I've always had the thought
made the statement,
"if I were 50 pounds thinner,
I'd wear this
or do that".

Yesterday was the day that
I made my first step
toward changing that perspective.

For many years,
I have worn rimless or nearly rimless glasses.
I loved them
because my Grandmother
had always worn them
and I liked being like her.

I'm here to tell you now -

These are not your Grandmother's glasses -

They are my new look -
fun and funky!!

And as soon as I can get used to looking
through the frames,
I know I will absolutely love them!!

Blessings to all who visit here,


  1. They look good. Sometimes it's good to make a little change. I'm going to do something different with my hair next time.

  2. Hi, Lynn -

    I've been reading your Scottie blog for about a year now; I must have come across it when the big Litter of Nine was born. I have enjoyed it so much all along. Just wanted to tell you how much I'm loving your new, YOU blog, as well. I'm happy to see you making so many positive changes - they are a big inspiration. Many of the things you're taking on, I have been too (on my own already, not stalking you!), and I love your upbeat and honest outlook.

    Also, had to tell you, I have the same red flannel Scottie PJs as you have. Now THAT sounds like stalking. :-) It must be crazy and wonderful to have all those doggies at the same time. I just have one Scottie, Olive, who is about 1.5 y.o. Love her to pieces, she's as low-key and relaxed as a cat, but can tear it up when the occasion calls for it. We're considering getting another Scottie in a couple of years. When I read your blog, about how they all play together (or sometimes fight over toys) and all their different personalities, it just interests me so much.

    Sorry for the long-winded post - I've been meaning to comment before now, and it's just all out at once. And I love your new, bold glasses!


  3. Great looking glasses! I need some new ones too....maybe I'll check those kind out on me! Lots of love, Debbie

  4. Way too cool my RC Ma!!!!!!!!!
    Love your new look.........ARRRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOO...Me, G-dog and Ma in NJ

  5. We love your new frames, Lynn! They're definitely fun!

  6. Hey
    Love the new YOU!! You are getting pretty darn Snazzi there BOL I go next Thursday to the eye guy too, but that is for contacts so that I wont wear the zillion and one reading glasses that I have all over the house!!!


  7. those are great frames -- funky and hip! i really like the yellow on the sides, too. :)


  8. I am so excited that you have your own blog! I missed that post until today! Are you going to share socks? Red hair, you have red hair. I have always wanted to be a red head, and have out of a bottle a time or two. I have red headed cousins and always envied their hair color.

  9. They look very similar to one of our friends!!!! Lookin' Good!!!!

  10. Very, very cool! You are stretching your boundaries just wonderfully and I'm inspired! Good for you!

  11. My glasses are heavy black framed ones, because that's what my grandpa wore :)