Saturday, January 22, 2011


Even though I want to reduce
the number on the scales
as well as my waistline,
I need to reduce the number
of medicine bottles that are
in my cabinet.
As much as I admire my doctor,
I would like to minimize my visits to him.

Telling me that I need to eat fish
doesn't help me.
I was raised in the
Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.
My parents were farmers
good, lean Black Angus Beef
was a staple in our diet.
But I know how to limit it -
even if I don't cut it out entirely.

Years ago,
I started cooking with olive oil
and that's a good base to start on.

*I need to increase my
fruits and vegetables to
5 per day.

*I want to add one serving
of walnuts to my daily diet.

*And my husband and I
have made a pact -
we are not going to purchase
any chips for the next two months.

And we also have decided
(on the advice of his cardiologist)
to add at least one glass of red wine
to our diet daily.

And to quote Dr. Oz,
"Getting healthy happens
one day at a time"

Blessings to all who visit here,


  1. Here is a great quote for you:

    "Be bold. Be confident. Be alive. A gallery of possibilities awaits for you when you make change your friend."

  2. I would love to reduce the number of doctor visits and the number of prescriptions I have. Since 2006, the bottles have tripled and I don't see it getting smaller. Best of luck to sound like you are really working hard at this and I know you can do it! Lots of love, Debbie

  3. Lynn, I love what you are doing on this blog! I've been working on the same things you are for the last year, and I feel like if you can make those changes, it's giving me the encouragement to continue to make them too!

  4. It sounds like you're on the right track, Lynn!

  5. Sounds like a great plan. I lay off the chips too!! Just way to much junk in them!! Keep up the good work!!


  6. Just ONE glass?


    I tend to follow a different plan on the measures!


  7. Lynn, as you know I was raised on a farm too and I no longer eat meat. If I can cut it all you can cut a little. Maybe I'd add a little beef for what you give up. Josh would never permit that!

  8. Love the new blog!!! This is such a great idea!!!! To live life with a plan, rather than letting it just happen. You are an inspiration and I will attempt - I say attempt- to do the same. Wish me luck!

  9. It is a struggle for sure. I only lost 1/2 pound last week. After loosing 2 a week it was a hard pill to swallow.