Thursday, January 20, 2011


We hear more and more
about reducing our carbon footprints.
In reality, my husband and I
have planted enough trees
in the past 5 years
to reduce the carbon footprints
of our unborn grandchildren.

But I have other goals in mind
and that we can all aspire to.

When I was a young wife and mother,
I employed a lot of money-saving schemes
during my day.

And then I got "busy"
and had a job
and it caused a lot of these good habits
to go to the wayside.

And now I rip off too many paper towels,
fill my septic tank with too much paper
buy books when I should be
getting them from the library.

It is my goal
*to have floor towels again
and not use paper towels for everything.

*to keep a check
on the amount of TP I use
and not to grab a big wad
of it to blow my nose
and then flush it-
I always have handkerchiefs -
I need to use them.

And when I finish reading this new book,
I'll see about getting a library card.
I don't need instant gratification -
unless there is a new Scottie purse involved!



  1. Yah but with all that cloth stuff comes washing!!!! LOL Our trash recycles plastic etc and we always put in milk jugs, cans etc. My neighbor goes further and puts like orange juice cartons, plastic from inside cereal boxes, cheese slice wrappers, baggies, egg cartons, etc all in the recycle bag, afterall it is still all plastic. She does have a point. So in her trash is just basically food trash, nothing else.

  2. Since retirement last year we've been using the library more and now we both have Kindles, so we can download the books we want to keep.

  3. Since we are getting more and more restrictions on how much trash we can put out for pickup, we have been working hard to remember to break down those cereal and cookie boxes, recycle all that junk mail, and use more towels for cleaning than paper ones. Even the little things can make a big difference.


  4. Great idea, my friend! But Beth says she really likes her she don't know if she can let go of that habit....

  5. Thank goodness you will still be USING toilet tissue. Had us scared there for a moment!!
    Smooches from pooches,
    BabyRD & Hootie

    Lynn,We recycle so much stuff up in N.Idaho it usually takes about 3 weeks before we need to go to the dump with trash! Now all our different recycle bins get a real workout. (Here at the condo they JUST started a recycle dumpster if you can believe that!) x-cassie

  6. We're great recyclers here - every little bit helps. I use the library, too, and also have a Kindle - helps out and saves a tree (I hope). Love your header picture :o)

  7. You have some great ideas! I don't buy any books anymore. I ran out of space to put them! I go to the library which is just a few blocks from here and can request the books online for them to hold. The only problem is reading them within two weeks sometimes and getting them back. The last one went back unread because I couldn't renew it due to many holds on it! lots of love, Debbie

  8. GREAT goals...I don't buy as many books as I used to and I recycle but... I know I have to do better too!
    Have a look at what two little Scottie's sent my kitty, Edward, for Christmas! I posted it today. He (and I) love Scottie's!!

  9. Love the new blog Lynn, love the goals, wish I lost 7 go girl!

  10. A nice mix of good for you and good for all